Catholic Church Weaverham – #31

St Bedes.  This is the Catholic Church in Weaverham, just round the corner from Ninga’s house. We used to pass it on the way from Church, and from shopping sometimes.20170418_115049The house just to the left is the Priests house, the statues are beautiful, they are what i always remember. If i think of \St Bedes I think of the hedges round the statues.


Some pretty new trees, the neighbourhood is beautiful.

20170418_115127The doors were open today as they were doing some joinery work in the Church, I didn’t like to interrupt so the little bear was left tied to the door handle, hopefully the guys working there either took him home or left him for the next passer by 🙂


Weaverham Chapel – #30

The chapel on Forest Street in Weaverham, is where my Parents got married in 1968.


I love this red door.


We were just having  look round, being watched by the lady who lives next door, there’s a day care centre right next door in the Sunday school building so hopefully as little ones pass, someone will see the little bear waiting for a new home 😀


Weaverham Church – #29

20170418_113720St Mary’s Church, Weaverham. The most beautiful Norman Church in my opinion. I remember grandad pointing out holes in the sandstone bricks where the church suffered musket fire! Imagine the things this church has seen.

It is the final resting place for a lot of my family, my grandmothers parents and grandparents are buried here, along with my 2 great aunts and 2 great uncles, mums beloved cousin Our Bill and my Great Uncle Jack is remembered on the Cenotaph.


I  have been to many services here and they have all been magical, The Remembrance services are beautiful and all the more poignant because Uncle Jack is remembered there.


This little Bear was left ion the church doors, the Church wasn’t open today so I hope someone finds him soon 🙂



Well, My Big 45 is over half way completed. Its been such fun so far. I have had a bit of a break lately. I’ve been Loving this girl ❤20170201_162521

Sadly losing this girl 😥


Studying this beautiful thing


And turning this pile of yarn into bears for the next lot of drops.


The final few drops are all going to be in one area of Cheshire, where I grew up, the place my mind goes to when it wanders. They are all planned, the bears are just waiting to be stuffed and labelled ready and the brooches are ready to meet the new coats they will be pinned to. We are all very excited.

I have been wondering how to carry on my blog in a similar way, I have made a few plans. 2017-2018 is ready to go, 2018 is more exciting than anything, I can’t wait to tell you about them. I have an idea about 2019, 2020, 2021 and even 2022!!!! Hopefully in 2 months time, I will be a fully qualified Astronomer and will be spending my summer filling in my observer’s notebook and knitting in the garden.

Here’s to the next few RAK’s ❤

Bus Fare – #28


This kindness thing is contagious!

I’m not taking any credit for this one, it was all mums doing 🙂

The story is, mum was coming home from the gym one day, she was waiting for the bus and was with 3 other people. she was last to get on the bus, the girl in front of her only had a ten pound note. The bus driver wasn’t feeling very cheerful (not kind) this day and wouldn’t change her £10, so therefore said she couldn’t get on the bus. She needed to get home to her kids so imagine how stressed she must have been!

Mum couldn’t see her left at the bus stop, so she very kindly paid her fare.

Trouble is, the kindness stopped there and as mum got on the bus, there were no seats left so she had to stand up! hahah just shows, you can’t win ’em all 🙂